The BOLA Batting Cricket Centre

The brand new BOLA Batting Cricket Centre is now open at BOLA HQ in Patchway, Bristol five minutes’ drive from M5 junction 16. BOLA Batting is a purpose built facility providing state-of-the-art conditions for cricket training.

Surface characteristics and lighting levels are the most important issues for cricket training, and the BOLA team have done extensive research in order to provide the very best for the centre users. Any surface has to be a ‘sweet-spot’ compromise in terms of pace and bounce. BOLA have married pile length and shock pad underlay to create a good surface for players of all standards. The emphasis in the surface testing was to ensure that it wasn’t too bouncy and enabled good realistic preparation for match conditions outside.

Natural light floods the space as well as LED strip-lighting. The artificial light is balanced with the ambient light to create an indoor space which is as close to outdoors as possible, there is also a complete absence of glare. A 66KW Solar PV system allows the space to heated when required in the winter and cooled by air-conditioning in the summer.

There is a mezzanine floor where friends or none batting players can drink coffee and watch. The centre is always set-up and ready to go, just book, turn up and bat!

BOLA Batting Cricket Centre

Book online!

There is an online booking system. There is on-site supervision at all times but not meet and greet. Each lane is equipped with a TrueMan machine with regular sessions each week when a Merlyn by BOLA machine with bowler animation screen can be booked. The machines are fully programmable by customers either on the day or remotely from a mobile device. The Minimum booking is for 30 mins.

This is a brand new type of cricket centre that allows batters to hone their skills against the BOLA TrueMan and Merlyn, fully programmable, bowling machines.

BOLA Induction Sessions

All players require an induction session to ensure that they are able to use the machines safely and effectively. Book your induction session by phone on 0117 235 8846 or email

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